Hello all, and welcome to what is an ambitious plan to comprehensively capture the manufacturing landscape in India.

For many years, manufacturing in India has been perceived to be a sector which required more physical input rather than intelllectual. Granted, most people understand that it is a complicated business. However, the challenges are usually seen as emanating from the complex world in which this business is carried out. We see a wealth of knowledge being available about the services sector, and in particular information and communication technology. India’s spectacular success in this field, (partly due to external factors and mainly due to its own competencies) has for long camouflaged its activities in the industrial sector;akin to cricket over-riding most other sports in this country.

However, we feel that manufacturing is making rapid strides towards increasingly becoming a knowledge based trade, and we feel it is important for professionals who are engaged in this sector to be informed. Hence, this blog.

Some ground rules for the blog:

1. Data, and beyond: We will both assimilate data from multiple, reliable sources as well as analyse them.

2. Iterative:   In order to remain relevant

3. Broad enough, deep enough (borrowing this from the boss)

With this, we invite suggestions from people on how the blog should look and feel, what should be covered and so on and so forth.

Hope to hear more from you.

Thanks and regards



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