2014 in books

First published on 28/12/2014


My Year in Books:
This year, i started off resolving to read a book every week. Happy to have made good ground on this effort; finished 40 books (most were of significant length). Here’s my rating on these books on the basis of how educative (blue, out of 50) and entertaining (red, out of 50) they were. A big thanks to Bangalore and Electronic City traffic for the time and to the people around me for the peace of mind required for some obsessive reading !
3 more are work in progress, hope to finish by the end of the year.
For the coming year:
1. Hope to get closer to the one-book-per-week mark.
2. Less fiction !
3. More books in Kannada.
4. Any book recommendations ?


2014 books.jpg


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