Intermittent Transmission

First Published on 11/4/2008


Voices in the office on a lazy friday afternoon

The Japs:- ima kangaete matomete sodan shite reporto o kaite dashite ato do moratte…(Most of the above words are verbs!..they think of so much to do even at this time!)

The Chinese:- kyu chu jyu lu tu. hii ki ri chi pi. say way may gay bay.(Be wary of the Chinks,they say. they are going to take over the world and it’s economy, they say)

The Thai:-wang chang rang sang pang. yam ram sham wham bham. kyu nyu gyu syu ryu(Porki baddi maklus. That’s why they are called “thigh”land and their capital is called”……..”

The English Speaking Junta(Americans/British/Aussies)..Where’s the nearest pub, Chum/Old Boy/Mate????

A lone voice, thinking aloud in kannada:- yakappa illi bandu atkayskonde!!!!!!(On the issue of thinking aloud, our sensei had tried to teach us a form for talking to ourselves in japanese!Why would you want to talk to yourself in a foreign language???)


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