The PGPX Experience in a nutshell. Pistachios.

It’s convocation time at IIMA. The PGPX class is slated to receive their diplomas last (yes, it’s still not degrees) and we have still have time to kill as the kids from PGP go up on stage, a massive 400+ in number. I thought it would be a great time to write a quick reflective blog of what I felt were the best moments of the past one year.

1. The company of brilliant, talented, opinionated, wise and dear friends in this batch of 90 was the gel which encompassed and made special every single activity. We got a wonderful mail from an alumnus of the previous year, who highlighted that the brilliance of the classroom will be sorely missed, and I couldn’t agree more.

2. The access to faculty, every single one of them a genius in her/ his own right. Despite this, they have been highly approachable and have shown empathy to all our difficulties in the last year (traits which are more often than not mutually exclusive). They are now the true north star for all of us on parameters of dedication, achievement and humility.

3. The  campus. 106 acres of academic wonderland in the midst of a thriving textile city. The vast expanse of open spaces and the complete absence of traffic will be terribly missed. The possibility of accessing normal WiFi in the real world will be welcomed, though. The institute and all its people have worked hard to make our stay comfortable, and the respect for this legendary place has grown multifold over this year.

4. Ahmedabad was a pleasant experience. The missus and I made it our home and we will have fond memories of our stay here. Staying in campus also has the distinct benefit of building a strong network of friends to touch base with, wherever we travel in the future.

They say that the PGPX experience is transformative. In my own case, I perceive the following which will transform my perspective to business and life:

1. An unflinching belief in the power of diverse, driven teams to create magic.

2. The power of learning and unlearning and relearning as a virtuous cycle of self improvement.

3. A customer centric mindset.

4. Some key management concepts which are now an integral part of brain muscle memory: opportunity costs and sunk costs, customer driven perceived value advantage, relevant costs, competitive advantage to name a few. I still feel that the case study is the best method of pedagogy for management education.

Congratulations to the graduating class and my best wishes on what i know will be scintillating careers ahead. I am excited about my next stint in the world of business as a strategy consultant.

IIMA, you have been special.



  1. All the best Aniruddha and thank you for graciously hosting us and also leaving us with an everlasting legacy which will be tough to beat!

    Mukund , Batch 2018

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